The Healing Presence of Art

Metamorphosis, by Bruce Robert Frank

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Nov. 26, 2012) – A new art exhibit at the Albert B. Chandler Hospital and UK Good Samaritan Hospital showcases the artwork of 16 talented artists – artists who also happen to be UK HealthCare physicians, faculty and staff.

The exhibit, titled “The Healing Presence of Art,” contains a juried selection of works submitted by UK HealthCare employees in response to the call to submit work on the healing power of art and understand how art enhances the healing environment, said UK Arts in HealthCare Director Jackie Hamilton.

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Art at the Capitol

Two of my recent pieces, “Pink Peony” and “Orange Poppy”, were chosen for the invitational First Lady’s Reception Exhibition in the Kentucky Capitol in Frankfort. Two additional pieces are concurrently on exhibit in a Senate Chambers exhibition. Both shows run through Spring 2009.

Pink Peony, by Bruce Robert Frank.

Orange Poppy, by Bruce Robert Frank.

A Study in Red, a Study in White, and Louisville Without the Snow…

A Study in Red

The Scott County Arts Consortium, housed at the former jailer’s house in Georgetown, Kentucky, is a venue with excellent space and lighting, and great potential for expansion. I joined 2 other artists for a December 2007 showing of botanically-themed works, some of which were my Dorothy Draper Rose series pictured here against the strikingly appropriate backdrop of a deep red wall.

Dorothy Draper Roses at the Scott County Arts Consortium.








A Study in White

2008’s Visual Arts at the Market in Louisville, a juried exhibition sponsored by the Kentucky Arts Council, was plagued by a mass of white precipitation quite unusual for the region in any given year – over 2 feet of snow. My fourth Market, I was fortunate to have the distinction of my work featured prominently on the marketing materials (website, program, posters). The snowstorm occurred on what is typically the best-attended day for the event, but at least my fellow exhibitors and I found it to be a rare opportunity to bond (and commiserate).

Louisville, Without the Snow

In April, May, and June of 2008 (coinciding in May with the Kentucky Derby population influx), I exhibited at the prestigious Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft in Louisville, occupying retail wall and window space on the entrance floor. This show included the annual display of artistically designed Derby hats, appropriately decorated with a floral theme. This was a particularly successful show for me, and I’m proud to continue my association with this organization as a Member Artist and participant in their Corporate Buyer Program.


A Rose in the Tropics

A Rose in the Tropics

Through the efforts of longtime family friend Carleton Varney, my work – most notably “The Dorothy Draper Rose I and II” was once again featured in the Museum Shop of a major traveling exhibition about the life and work of famed interior designer Dorothy Draper, the third such exhibit in as many years, this time at the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art in the Spring and Summer of 2008.

London Calling

In the Summer and Fall of 2008, Partridge Fine Art in London also held an exhibit highlighting the Dorothy Draper style, of which my work was also a part.

Charitable (art)Works

For the fourth year, my donation of artwork assisted Lexington’s Living Arts and Science Center in continuing their educational programs. This year’s art auction event was held at Big Ass Fans in Lexington, so named for their massive size (they’re used in factories and at outdoor social events). To clarify their intentions, their mascot is a properly proportioned donkey.

Another worthy charity which Cheryll and I both support with artwork donations is the Woodford County Humane Society, which involves creating work derived from images of various horse farms in the area (a different farm is the sponsor every two years – 2008 was the second year for Gainsborough Farm). Inspired by the concept of creating a unique piece of work for a specific purpose, I’m now offering custom artwork as unique or limited edition prints (hypertext link to details on the website) for individuals or corporate clients.

Current and Upcoming Events

As co-chair of the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen Exhibitions Committee, I’ve been involved in establishing future shows at the Audubon Museum in Henderson, Kentucky; The Janice Mason Museum in Cadiz, Kentucky; and Artsplace, LexArts’ venue in downtown Lexington. I will also be mounting my second solo exhibition at Clark Art and Antiques in historic downtown Lexington in April of 2009 – limited edition prints and large framed pieces are for sale year round; a solo show at Broad Run Vineyards, outside Louisville, will take place in December. My work is now on display, represented by Begley Art Source, in the corporate galleries of Evansville Museum of Art.